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We, NMS Crewing Co., Ltd., were established on the 04-th of July, 2003. Our office is located in Vladivostok City and connected with different areas. Needless to mention that our agency is treated to be convenient for crew changes in the Pacific area. Availability of General Consulates in our city looks also attractive.

We are pleased to advise that we are in possession of National License № 20103250634 dated 01-st of August, 2003  to do crewing in the Russian Federation, in Vladivostok City in particulars. On the 18-th of February 2013 the agency passed and ISO 9001-2008 certification and renewed ISO certificate. Furthermore EUROCERT has found NMS Crewing Co., Ltd. to conform to the said standards. There are all indications we can maintain sound links with our partners worldwide.

This is also our pleasure to stress that our agency was found to comply with MLC-2006 standards, Reg 1.4, St. A 1.4 by RMRS inspection held on the 05-th of March, 2013.

We would like to invite everyone who has containership’s, bulker’s experience. For sure it will be permanent job for everyone who proves professional skill and good performance being employed onto the ships. Needless to say that prior first employment every seafarer is to pass certain tests as prescribed by our Managers. Every seafarer is to pass annual Physical Examination as per international procedures laid down by the Managers. Duration of contracts for above employed officers is 5 + 1 months in 2.





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